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What makes a beautiful place?

Better design, better neighbourhoods.

Central park
Green Kingsmere

beautiful places

Beautiful places add value to the lives of those who live, work, and play in them. They add economic value to those who develop them and the cities that promote them and—if properly designed—truly beautiful places give back to the pre-existing communities through their urban design.
Couple walking dog on bridge

20+ years

For more than 20 years, Landlab has designed, built, promoted, and enhanced beautiful places. We are known for creating unique and valuable real estate as well as innovative financial systems to sustain value-added community spaces that are open to all.
Linear park bordered by homes

people-centred development

Each Landlab project is as unique as the property on which it is developed. We reject the traditional notions of zoning in favour of people-centred form and function. We have demonstrated that this approach constitutes a win/win for residents, communities and developers.
Couple on deck

Recent Projects

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