Hendrick Farm is an innovative community 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa.  It mixes village-scale commerce with agriculture, a broad choice of housing options, the preservation of vast amounts of curated greenspace and connections to a national park.  The community is based on a walkable community design and built using high quality architectural materials.  Hendrick Farm is a 350 unit, 107 acre adaptive development and is the only one of its kind in Canada.

Hendrick Farm established a new benchmark for property values in the region and has demonstrated that a focus on high quality design and architecture is good business for developers and a real benefit to the community.

Built largely from materials found on site, the two Chelsea Park developments established a new standard for quality and urban planning in their market.  Eighty-eight prestigious homes were strategically placed throughout Chelsea Park's 250 acres of forest. The community set new standards for forestry conservation and environmental protection while providing its new residents with an extraordinary setting to call home.

The properties at Chelsea Park sold for more than double the previously established price of residential land and have steadily increased in value ever since.