Over nearly 20 years we have built an extraordinary team of specialists with expertise in urban design, architecture, engineering, municipal politics and finance.

Together we have created unique and valuable real estate as well as innovative financial systems to sustain value-added greenspace.

Sean McAdam, President

Sean McAdam - LANDLAB.jpg

Sean McAdam knows that home is about more than a street address. Each of his developments has focused on how community is enhanced through effective land use. He has proven that adding value to community adds value to the business bottom line and that, he contends, is a critical measure of sustainability that is too often overlooked.

"Investing in top quality architecture and urban design while involving the community from day one will pay dividends. It takes an experienced team and a lot of creativity, but you'll have a better project, you'll leave a better legacy, and - contrary to what most developers think - you'll likely be more profitable."