DPZ Landlab is an alliance between the world’s best urban planners and pioneering developers who specialize in innovative development practices. We provide landowners and developers with the tools proven to build the best communities on earth. Our clients benefit from one-stop access to superior urban planning, innovative product design, cutting-edge marketing and analytics, and developer-led project experience. We demonstrate that good design means more desirable communities and more profitable developments.


DPZ Landlab takes the guesswork out of contracting with planners, engineers, architects, designers, builders, subtrades, banks, private lenders, and city hall. We provide a contracting framework to guide landowners, developers, and those interested in acquiring land through the potentially hazardous maze of establishing relationships with the players needed to bring a development to life.


DPZ Landlab offers access to the world’s best urban planners and development innovators. Our partners have planned some of the best-known and most frequently emulated developments around the globe and have decades of experience successfully building projects in politically and economically challenging jurisdictions. We specialize in reading the landscape—physically, politically, and economically—and designing projects that maximize the economic and community value of that land.

We also help our clients establish realistic phasing rollouts that balance market forces and financial realities. 

Developers often face strong opposition to new projects. We provide guidance on handling political engagement with government bodies and the general public and build strategies that encourage political support for proposed projects.


Well organized project and operations management systems are critical components of any successful development. We provide advice on putting systems and structures in place that allow operating budgets, project timelines, staff delegation, and sales procedures to operate efficiently and effectively.


DPZ Landlab has developed unique real estate marketing systems that harness the power of digital media to reach target markets. Our analytics and data tracking programs ensure that marketing resources are used where most effective. No more ‘advertise and wait’: our strategies target specific demographics, monitor audience interaction in real-time, and drive buyers into the sales process. These systems are deployable world-wide and ensure that investments in marketing are strategic, cost-effective and, ultimately, successful.