LANDLAB developments are proof positive that investments in high quality architecture and thoughtful urban design are rewarded by a healthy business bottom line.

Laneway in Chelsea Park development

Laneway in Chelsea Park development


We begin by assessing the site. We believe that the best way to add value to development land is to let the site do the talking. What are the historic uses of the land? What is the location telling us? What does the community expect from the site and what does the local government want to see there? What is the environment telling us? And, perhaps most important, how can the site be made more beautiful?

Who develops the site?

In most cases we select and purchase the site outright or we team up with the current landowner to develop the site in partnership. Under certain circumstances we will act as a development consultant for a site's owner and assist in the planning, approvals and financing. We tailor our involvement to the scope of the project and the interests of the current landowner.

How do we find interesting sites?

We pro-actively seek out sites in interesting areas, but often landowners approach us directly.