LANDLAB developments are proof positive that investments in high quality architecture and thoughtful urban design are rewarded by healthier, more vibrant communities.

Laneway in Chelsea Park development

Laneway in Chelsea Park development


LANDLAB has a developed an entirely new approach to neighbourhood design: Adaptive Development. While incorporating aspects of New Urbanism, we focus primarily on the specific land on which the neighbourhoods are developed. Each Adaptive Development is designed to complement the land’s physical shape and geography, its people, its history, and its place within the local community. In this way, each project is as unique as the land on which it is developed. As a result, we reject traditional notions of zoning in favour of people-centred form and function.

Who develops the site?

In most cases we select and purchase the site outright or we team up with the current landowner to develop the site in partnership. Under certain circumstances we will act as a development consultant for a site's owner and assist in the planning, approvals, and financing.